Bookish Secret Santa News!

Well folks it’s offical, my secret santa gift for this years The Broke and The Bookish gift exchange is ready to go!! If you are unfamiliar with this gift exchange it is put on by the lovely Jamie of Sign-ups are in November and she partners you with a secret santa recipient by the 15th. You are supplied with an email that gives you your recipients likes, dislikes, book wishlist and fandoms. Then your job is to go out and purchase a couple books and some goodies to package up and send off! It is a lot of fun and I think the best part is reading all the #tbtbsanta tweets, seeing what others bought and wondering which one might be yours! You never know when you will get it or who will send it but most givers reveal themselves in the gift somehow.
So mine is all ready to go, I had a ton of fun finding bookish goodies to send my secret santa and I hope she LOVES it! I will keep you guys posted on her reponse! I also posted a few teaser photos on Instagram with the subject; could this be yours? Seriously it is a ton of fun and if you havent participated before you definately should next year!



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