Six of Crows Update

23437156Hi there! So for those of you that dont know, I have been reading Six of Crows with a friend of mine and some folks on Instagram. I am loving this book
already, today I am on page 200, and its hard not to just keep reading! I just wanted to give you all an update on how it has been going and provide you with a book cover photo, isnt it the most gorgeous book ever? I wish that I could be a little less fangirl and give you a legit sort of mini review of what I think so far, but really guys I dont have words. I will need to process for a few days after Im done before I do a review, otherwise it will consist of: I love Inej. And Kaz. And Jesper. And the plot was amazing. And Leigh Bardugos writing is so beautiful and fun and engaging… Not a very technical review just me gushing really.
Have you read Six Of Crows? What did you think? Who was your favourite character? Let me know down below!

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