Secret Santa Has Arrived!

Guys! My #tbtbsecretsanta parcel arrived today!! *Cue happy dance*
I have admittedly been stalking my mailwoman every day for this, among others deliveries I am expecting, and I do feel a little creepy, but who cares! ITS HERE! I knew I was going to want to do an unboxing video so I ran for my tripod and then the unwrapping commenced!
If you want to see my reactions to opening this box of awesomeness then you can watch it here but if you’d prefer to read about it then just scroll down a little further…

Okay so first there was a lovely card wishing me a merry Christmas and giving me the identity and contact info of my secret Santa. Guess what?! We have the same name, thats right her name is Jessica too! She informed me in the card that I should enjoy the tea right away but that I could wait to open the books later if I like. As if I could wait, lol. I did open the tea first and it was amazing, its called Sleigh Ride by David’s Tea. I have never bought David’s Tea but after trying this one, I need more! I love tea BTW. The two books I received were The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and The Assassins Blade by Sarah J Maas. Also inside one of the books was a package of owl themed I-clips which I thought was really need. I am always worried that my page flags will tear my book pages but these owls are perfect for marking quotes and favourite scenes.


All in all I loved this whole secret Santa experience. The buying, wrapping and sending, as well as the receiving. I highly recommend this experience to everyone next year; I can’t wait for it myself! And it’s not even Christmas yet.



2 thoughts on “Secret Santa Has Arrived!

  1. Hi!! Ok, I just watched your video and it was so cool to ‘be there’ with you when you unwrapped your gift! And I’m glad you didn’t wait until Christmas 🙂 Thank you so much for posting this!


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