Review of Soundless


Title & Author: Soundless by Richelle Mead24751478
Genre: YA Fantasy
Published: November 10th 2015 by Razorbill
Where this book came from: I received it in my monthly Owlcrate

Rating: 3 Stars

It is a standalone fantasy about a girl named Fei who lives in an isolated village where everyone is deaf and uses sign language to communicate. For years the village has mined precious metals and sent them down the mountain via zip line in return for food from the ‘line keeper’ below. When her sister and others of the village begin to lose their sight and food shipments become scarce Fei and her childhood friend Lei Wei go in search of answers.

My thoughts & Reactions
I expected to love it because I enjoy books about other cultures but I didn’t feel there was a lot about Chinese folklore except for the pixius right at the end. The characters were likeable, the story had a good pace and I liked the use of sign language – I have never read anything like that. It just didn’t have that magical ingredient that I need to fall in love with a book, no hook that prevented me from putting it down. I would still recommend this book to others as it was enjoyable and unique.


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