Page 394


Hello everyone and welcome to the very first ‘Page 394‘ meme!
Page 394 is an original meme that began here at Novelcravings. I wanted to start a meme in honor of Alan Rickman and what could be better than using the famous Professor Snape quote? The meme is simple, turn to page 394 in your current read or a favourite book, find a passage/quote you love and share it with us! Everyone is welcome to join just please remember to link back to this page and share the link to your blog post in the comments. The meme with go up on the 14th of every month. Enjoy!

I’m going to start us off with the very first Page 394 and link all future posts down below.


This week I am reading Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

It wasn’t freedom she wanted. It was a belief in something – a prize big enough to run for and to fight for and to keep on reaching toward no matter what.
She had a prize now. She ran for Nubrevna. She ran for Merik. She ran for Iseult. She ran for Kullen and Ryber and Mathew and Habim. and above all, she ran for herself.

Page 394

I LOVED this part of the book. I really enjoy when a character finds her calling, her souls desire, her true north, her – well you get the point. This passage is so full of heart and soul; Susan Dennard wrote it beautifully. I could feel all the feels Safi was having. They were raw, powerful and over flowing. Lines likes these really stay with me. The whole book has been like that and I have fallen in love with the way this book has made me feel.

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24 thoughts on “Page 394

    1. Thank you, I hope others enjoy it too! It was that passage in Truthwitch that gave me the idea. I write down pages I really like when I read. When I wrote down the page number it made me smile and I thought I wonder what is on ALL the 394’s out there? And so this was born!

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    1. The story got better and better, in my experience, and I really enjoyed the strong friendships. Something I don’t read about often enough in fantasy. I do hope you participate next month! Cant wait to see what you choose!

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  1. Very cool idea! I’m not to the 394 page mark in my current read, so I can’t play along yet. Don’t want to spoil myself 🙂 I want to do it in the future though, and I’ve added the meme to my blogging planner!


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