Monthly Recommendations – Fantasy


Monthly Recommendations is a group on Goodreads created by Kayla and Trina.
Every month there is a new theme for the recommendations.
This months theme is…


I have decided to recommend some older Fantasy to all of you, so click on the titles if you want more information, and it will take you over to Goodreads. I highly recommend all these titles for your TBRs.

This is for the dragon lovers. Okay it has been quite some time since I read this one, I’m due for a re-read but I LOVE books about dragons and I remember really enjoying this one.

Through Wolfs Eyes by Jane Lindskold66317
This is for fans of Game of Thrones and long series. I have only read the first two in this series, but there are six I believe. This story is about a girl who is found, after being raised by wolves and is actually a long-lost princess. This is a very different kind of fairytale.
This is for readers who love elemental magic. If you end up liking this one she has a LOT of other books. I read this as a stand alone and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Leguin
This one is for lovers of Lord of The Rings. There are four books in this series and they are SO good. They are on my re-read list this year.
For the horse lovers! This is a story from the point of view of Jan, the prince of unicorns. How he becomes a great leader and defends his herd from gryphons and wyverns. Middlegrade.

Beguilement – The Sharing Knife by Lois McMaster Bujold
For fans of unusual magic and Tamora Pierce. This is a story about Fawn, necromancers, evil that sucks life from the world and an unlikely romance. A terrible description that doesn’t do it justice, so take my word and just give it a try.

Fall of a Kingdom by Hilari Bell
A fantastic trilogy told from three points of view; Jiaan, Kavi and Soraya. If you like a story where each characters journey comes together in the end, then read this one.

A Necklace of Fallen Stars by Beth Hilgartener fall

This recommendation is for those of you looking for a stand alone. This was a lovely tale of a princess, a minstrel and the tales the tell as the try to escape a sorcerer and an arranged marriage.

This is more for a paranormal readers. An epic tale about a girl named Aeriel, a vampyre, his mother who is an evil witch, and an age-old riddle that must be solved to save the world.

Everworld by Katherine Applegate
A middle grade series for lovers of mythology. This is a twelve part series that blends multiple mythologies. Four characters fall into this world, so it is a MVP story, and go through hell, and back to find their way home. I LOVED these books when I was in my early teens.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N K Jemisin
At times this book was so strange and a little confusing, and yet I still recommend it. I cannot describe how much it grew on me and how much I loved it by the end. I truly fresh and unique story that I have never read the likes of since. I recently read the second book and it had the exact same effect on me.

That is it for my recommendations, I hope you enjoyed them and found something to add to your TBR. I don’t see any of these titles nearly enough, I think that is because we all focus on the newly released fantasy books but these older ones deserve attention too!

Have you read any of these? What were your thoughts? Do you have any older fantasy recommendations?




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