Confession of a Book Hoarder: Book Buying Bans

It’s almost the weekend! What will you be reading or doing?

Today I wanted to talk about book buying and book buying bans.

I live in a small town so I often buy my books online. I miss the days when I lived near Chapters, would buy a coffee, and walk about browsing the books. I often ask myself if I bought fewer books at that time because it was so close and buying a book or two at a time gave me the opportunity to go to the bookstore more often. Now that I shop online, pay shipping, and I have to wait for my books I buy 2 or more at a time. And it is accessible at 3 am when you can’t sleep and you aren’t making smart financial decisions. Haha.

I have also noticed that I buy more books since I became a part of the book community. Thais the way with any hobby though. When I started running 10kms I bought a good pair of runners and ran in what I had, with just an ipod and a watch. The more I got into running the more I saw all the beautiful workout clothes, the apps for my phone, the fancy fitness trackers, the pre-workout boosters etc. So I don’t feel bad for buying more books. It certainly is not something that happens just to booknerds, it happens to enthusiasts f all kinds.

That being said, last year I bought about 70 books in 3 months, that’s about 6 books a week. On average I read 4-8 books in a month and usually one or two are audiobooks. So at the rate I was going I was adding 17-19 books to my shelves that were unread each month! Which isn’t bad if you stop and read them over the following months but I wasnt doing that. Please note that if you do this and you are happy with it, I am not judging you, it’s just that I wasnt happy with it. Not all of them were brand new books, in fact most were used but I still don’t want to imagine what I spent in those 3 months. My bank account is not well endowed so I buy books I really want to read and it made me sad that I wasnt stopping to read them before buying more. So the solution? This year I decided to stop buying books. Okay so that hasn’t gone well, this year I have bought 9 books. Atleast it’sΒ an improvement! And I am still telling myself ‘no buying!’ – instead I am making a list of books that I will buy when the ban is over. How long is my ban? My goal is to reduce the unread books on my shelves to 25 or less. I believe there is 70 right now, so I wil be on a ban for most of the year.

It is hard to not buy books. I know it isn’t for everyone and there are plenty of people out there who don’t mind how many unread books they have. I chose this abn because my credit card needed a break and because I felt the books I had bought deserved to be read. An up side to the ban? The books I have bought have been ones I borrowed from the library and loved, so I’m spending money on a guaranteed re-read. Another upside is I am doing a lot of research on the books on my ‘buy’ list. Most of them are new releases so I am reading a lot of reviews, discovering awesome blogs at the same time, and really narrowing down which ones I think I will enjoy.

Wow that was a long rant about book bans! Okay now I want to hear your feed back!

How often do you buy books? How many books do you buy at a time? Do you have to give yourself a limit? (amount of books or money spent) Have you ever put yourself on a book buying ban, how did you do it and did it work out?



8 thoughts on “Confession of a Book Hoarder: Book Buying Bans

  1. How often do you buy books? When I have the money, I bought books every couple of days, maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

    How many books do you buy at a time? Unless it’s a very special circumstance (a book fair where the prices are 80-90% off cover), I’d say 2-5 is my average, but that also depends on what format it is (paperback or hardcover). I think my non-book fair record is something like 8 ebooks at once because they were all on sale for $1.99 or less.

    Do you have to give yourself a limit? (amount of books or money spent) I don’t have to, but I try not to go crazy.

    Have you ever put yourself on a book buying ban, how did you do it and did it work out? Not a voluntary one. I’m sort of on one right now because my husband lost his job, so our book buying budget has suffered greatly. One way I’ve found around this, besides visiting the library religiously, is to use NetGalley. I get a lot of books from them so long as I review them, which is part of the point of having a book blog in the first place.

    I hate the thought of restricting my purchasing of books. I don’t mind having unread books because, the way I see it, they’ll be there for me when I need them.

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  2. Last fall, with all the new releases and my birthday, I went crazy with buying books especially when I found out that one of the local libraries had a used book sale once a month. Before that, I was checking out books from the library.

    I wouldn’t say I was on a book ban, but more like under time and money constraints. When I treated reading as a hobby, I didn’t make reading a priority so I’d check them out at the library or just put it on my GR TBR list. When I made reading a priority, I started to buy more. But now like you, I wait, read reviews and decide whether or not to purchase it. But if I can’t find it in the library, used, or cheap online, I most likely won’t buy it. At least, not right away. I usually buy 2-3 books at once. But at the end of last month, I bought 21 used books at three different stores. I hadn’t bought any books for a month though. Then the last weekend I went to the author signing and got three new books.

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    1. Ok used books so don;t count! Lol
      Really though, there is a secondhand store and that’s where I bought Warrior Heir and their paperbacks are fifty cents! So, if I find a book there I am not going to pass it up ban or no ban. Right now I am definately under money constraints, so I am thankful for my stash of books and my local library. The have purchased so many of my recommendations and I have reaped the benefits of that.

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  3. Oh my goodness, your post really hit home, lol! In February my husband casually mentioned that he bet I couldn’t get through one month without buying a book. So I took the bait and barely made it through the month – good thing it’s the shortest one of the year! πŸ˜‰


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