Review: Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman

Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman

Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: February 9th 2016
Genre: YA Historical Fiction
Source: Pre-ordered copy from Indigo
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4 stolen spyglasses out of 521936937

Buzz Words:
Pirate, Adventure, Dreams, Love, Blackbeard

Favourite Quote:
“From the moment I saw you, you captured my heart and I was powerless to do anything about it”
– Teach, Page 247

My thoughts:
Beware! This is not a story about pirates, it  is a story about unlikely love and heart ache. Anne is a smart girl of mixed heritage who has fallen into working as a maid in the Drummond household. She is quick to distrust and often jumps to conclusions. Teach, sure of himself in every way,  is the son of Master Drummond and has just returned from a year at sea to be wed to Patience. He meets Anne is a most memorable fashion, and quickly falls for her, despite her stubborn attempts to dissuade him.  The romance between Anne and Teach is so slow burning I think it appropriate to call it a smoulder. While the story is very character driven I really enjoyed the setting also. It felt so true to the times that it was immersive. I fell right in and could picture it all so beautiful and vivid from the shop stalls to the clothes worn. The way it all unfolded Castroman made me feel exactly what she wanted me to feel. She wanted me to dislike Patience and boy did I! She also wanted me to care deeply for the happiness of our main characters.  The ending left me broken and my hear aching for Anne and Teach, but I’m glad the author didn’t butter me up. I needed to feel all that pain to know exactly how a man like Teach could one day become the pirate we know as Blackbeard. I applaud her for not giving us a happily ever after and leaving the ending as she did.

What I liked:
The story was woven beautifully. Some people didn’t like the ending but I thought it was perfect, I was so angry and heartbroken that I could easily imagine Teach feeling the same. Only those feelings could lead a man to become the infamous Blackbeard.
I also really appreciated the Authors Note at the end of the book explaining a little about how the story was built. I liked the insight, especially as someone unfamiliar with the true history of Blackbeard.

What I disliked:
I was warned that there would be no pirating in this book but I did think that some of it would take place on a ship. So I was a little disappointed when it all took place safely on land.
Anne also drove me a little crazy with her constant pessimism and jumping to conclusions.

Would Recommend To:
Lovers of romance and historical fiction of the 1700’s


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