Review: Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay

Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay

Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: December 9th 2014
Genre: YA Fantasy, Retelling
Source: Borrowed from my library
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Rating: 4 Fairy Blessings out of 518782855

Cover Rating: 3 Thumbs Up

Buzz Words:
Faced-paced, Fantasy Adventure, Cursed, Warrior Princess, One True Love, Ogre Queen

My thoughts:
Wow! I had planned to read a few retellings this year and man am I glad I started with this one! First off let me say if you are looking for a retelling that is close to the original story you will not find that here. Personally I like a retelling that deviates and creates something new so this is exactly what I was looking for. This story had references to Sleeping Beauty and Six Swans with ogres and ogre eating trees thrown into the mix. I really enjoyed seeing the two fairy tales woven together in a totally new way. Aurora the main character was easy to relate to and I loved her determination and independent attitude. She isn’t waiting around for someone to save her! The added ‘fairy blessings’ were an interesting twist and so true to typical fairy tale lore. Niklaas is also a great character, even if he is an egotistical ass at times. He may have had an abundance of confidence but he had a good heart as well. The banter between the two often had me laughing. Most of the story is about their journey and full of action. The romance between the two was predictable and for the most part it was enjoyable. However, I do hate it when two characters spend their time thinking ‘oh, he/she doesn’t like me’ only to have their assumptions cause more problems. Just ask them! Overall I enjoyed their journey, the obstacles they had to over come, and the growth of each character. The ending was a sore spot for me though. It felt anti-climactic, a little quaint and too easy? In the end it wasnt Aurora or Niklaas who saved the day, the solution felt too convenient? And the way the two characters held off right to the very last moment to save one another, it felt a little dragged out.

What I liked:
The characters had great chemistry and I enjoyed the smaller characters just as much as the leads. Niklaas develops beautifully and Aurora is so bad ass. The way the fairy tales wove together was magical! (Excuse the pun)

What I disliked:
The end solution felt a little anti-climactic

Would Recommend To:
Readers who enjoy retellings and kick-butt Disney Princesses


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