To Booktube or not to Booktube…

This is a really random and out of the blue post, I didn’t plan it I just need an outlet for my current thoughts.

I started a Booktube channel before I even started my blog last year and back then I was less daunted by filming than posting. Times have changed however and now I find it easier to find time to blog than to post videos. This is why I have been MIA from my Booktube channel for two months now! I feel so guilty and I make plans to film and upload, and I never follow through. Since I never experience that with my blog I have been thinking that I should just lay my channel to rest. Obviously my heart isn’t in it. This is really hard for me though, I would feel like a quitter and that makes me uncomfortable. So I keep trying to figure out how I can figure out at least a few videos a month.

Then this evening I was thinking about how I want to spend a lot more time working on my writing and participate in Nanowrimo this year. If I am trying to find time for Booktube, how will I find time for that AND writing? And which of them is the most important to me? If I did leave Booktube should I say goodbye? I love the community so it would be tough for me to do. When I think about how I spend my time I think about it like a financial budget. You only have so many hours in a day and I have an eight month old so free hours to myself are few and far between. So the question in how do I want to spend my hours? Reading? Blogging? Booktubing? Writing? A person can only do so much. I post on my blog 3-5 times a week as it is and yet there are so many more posts I would like to do so the idea of cutting back on my blog posts is SO hard. On top of that I have to factor in time to review books I have read AND I post a lot on Bookstagram as well. I really need to decide what is important and ‘let go’ of the rest.

Have you ever spread yourself too thin? Have you ever had to ‘let something go’? If so how did you deal with letting it go?

Thanks for listening guys!


10 thoughts on “To Booktube or not to Booktube…

  1. Hi there! Well, I think if you do enjoy booktubing, but you don’t have time for it now, perhaps you can put it aside for a while and get back to it later, after you’ve done with nanowrimo or whenever you are free. I know sometimes it’s hard to let things go, so you can take it as you are taking a break from booktubing. But if you feel there is no way for you to have time to booktube like ever, then just let it go. Hope I do help you out a little bit . 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I just dont want to feel like a quitter but what is the alternative? Feeling stressed? I dont owe anyonw videos. No offense to my lovely subscribers but if one of them were telling me the same thing I would tell them do what YOU need to do.


  2. I get it–how do you spend your time most wisely, something that can change over time. When I first started social media presence, someone commented: “You’re spending more time on social media than you are on writing.” Made me feel guilty for days (and years later, since I recall this conversation years later), but since then, I’ve carved out writing time. I’ve let go of others, and I’m experimenting with my balance with social media. It’s always a work in progress…just like writing. 🙂

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  3. I spread myself too thin when my son was about that age. In my experience, focusing on just a couple of things instead of everything lends itself to more enjoyment and more likelihood of actually executing plans for posts, writing, etc. (or in my case, college work).

    I understand not wanting to feel like a quitter, but do what’s best for yourself. I had to decrease my class load and take an extra year (to make that 7 total off/on years) to finish my degree, which I’m currently not even really using…. It was disappointing to take that extra time, and I felt like a failure when I had to make that decision, and even though it felt like the finish line kept inching further away, eventually I got there.

    Yeah I don’t know where I was going with this but I hope that you can come to a decision that you can be happy with 🙂

    ❤ Julia

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    1. Thank you for responding with your own story, it is nice to know I am not the only one trying to fit in too much. My son has to come first, then my personal health and then my interests. So for now I think Booktube is on the back burner for the near future.

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