Review: Air Awakens by Elise Kova

Air Awakens by Elise Kova

Publisher: Silver Wing Press
Publication Date: August 27th 2015
Genre: YA Fantasy
Source: Purchased Ebook
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5 Black Robes out of 523127048.jpg

Cover Rating:
5 Thumbs Up

Buzz Words: empire, elemental magic, library apprentice, sorcerers, mysterious, prince

Favourite Quote:
“They wanted to kill her, so this Vhalla would die, she resolved, and a new Vhalla would be born from the ashes”

My thoughts:

Wow. I heard good things about this series and  it lived up to them and surpassed my expectations. I LOVE elemental magic so this was an ace for me and I have never read about a main character with air magic, so that caught my interest. The story unfolded beautifully; just like the roses in the story. When Vhalla discovered she was a sorcerer her reaction was perfect! She doesn’t believe it, doesn’t like it, doesn’t even want it. Thank you Elise Kova! It felt more realistic than a lot of other books I’ve read. You know the ones I mean, the main character is told something life changing about themselves and they’re all – “Really, that’s awesome! Lets do this!” They aren’t skeptical, they don’t need time to process or adjust, they just accept it all and dive in head first without looking. So I liked Vhallas reaction. Also I would like to point out another crucial realistic moment. When Vhalla is wearing heels at the ball and then has to run she TAKES THEM OFF. Finally a heroine who takes off her beatiful, but fluffy, foot wear before kicking butt. Vhalla and the reader are introduced to a number of new characters and I never knew who to trust, which kept things tense and interesting. They all seemed to have their own agendas and secrets. I thought the relationships were well-developed though and I ship Aldrik and Vhalla 200% (even if he was an ass sometimes). Sareem though? He bugged me. I did NOT ship that, he was just fickle and annoying. One character I hope we see more of is Larel, I liked her.
I didn’t know much about the story before I read it and thankfully it was never predictable. I was sure that in the end the king would discover her ability and use her in his war, but that ending was something I did NOT see coming. Overall I really enjoyed Air Awakens, I have a good feeling and the series and I can’t wait to start Fire Falling!

What I liked:
The main character, developement, flow and the cover!

What I disliked:
There wasn’t much I didn’t like but Sareem annoyed me

Would Recommend To:
Readers who enjoy long series of high fantasy like Throne of Glass
Or readers who enjoy a main character that goes from average to destined for greatness such as Harry Potter or The Grisha Trilogy




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