Hello friends! I haven’t been around much lately, on Twitter, Instagram or my blog. I started a new job and was looking for a place to rent, I’m happy to say I found one, and most night I was too tired to do much more than fall asleep. I also read some amazing books which kept me busy, I’m sure you can all appreciate that excuse! LOL
I will be really busy in May as well, moving in to my new home and working from time to time, but I promise I have a stack of reviews on the way AND I will tell you all about Yallwest! It is happening this weekend and I am so gosh darn excited! It will be the first weekend I have been alone since I became a mom and while I am feel very guilty about it I am also REALLY looking forward to three nights of undisturbed sleep. And of course the panels and book signings! Haha, sorry folks, those of you with kids will understand how amazing just a simple night of good sleep is. I have never been to any kind of signing so I am jittery with anticipation and kind of nervous. Leigh Bardugo is at the very top of my must meet list and I will see her at the Fierce Friday preview night. Who else do I really really want to meet? Erin Bowman, Alexandra Bracken, Sabaa Tahir, Mercedes Lackey and Renee Ahdieh. I want to meet SO many more authors but I also want to go to panels and eat and hang out with my friends, so we will see what happens!! I better go to bed now, I have to be up at 3am to drive to the airport. Hope you are all well and thanks for understanding my internet absence. Here I come California!!


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