Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Facts About Me

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Ten Facts About Me.

#1  I find it really hard to talk about myself. I don’t feel like there is a lot unusual about me or interesting about my life. This points to my lack of confidence and anxiety, something I have struggled with most of my life.

#2  (Because of #1) I recently decided to undertake a self-love project. Spanning the next 6-12 months I am focusing on self-love, balance and healing. I plan on doing a blog post all about it because I have noticed a lot of people in the book community struggling with the same things as myself. I believe supporting one another leads to a greater chance of success. Evelyn Skye, author of The Crowns Game is also doing something similar and we are using the hashtag #reclaimbalance. There are several parts to my project; exercise, counselling, taking ‘me’ time, and keeping a daily journal of happiness.

After all that heavy stuff let me tell you some lighter things. 

#3  I have a son, Theo, he just turned one and he is the light of my life. It’s just him and I, 20160217_110248which can be tough but I wouldn’t change a thing

#4  When people meet me they think I am about 7 years younger than I am. It drives me crazy because they often don’t take me seriously.

#5  Lately I cannot get enough smoothies! I bought a Nutri Ninja and perfected a few healthy delicious recipes that I enjoy daily.

#6  Audiobooks make up 60% of my monthly reads. At least.

#7  My favourite comic is Calvin and Hobbes 1381173609394

#8  When I write I do it all by hand in notebooks, it just feels right.

#9  I have a wiener dog named Gunner. He loves sunbeams and carrots

#10  I JUST got glasses that I have to wear daily and it is a weird transition phase, I also feel a little self conscious?

And a few extras for fun…

#11  I am a welder by trade, not sure if I will ever go backMexico 015 to it now that I have my son. I use to work in Northern Alberta in areas where you have to live in a camp. Not really a mommy type job.

#12 I love to read in my hammock

#13  I’m a runner. Asics are my jam. I also enjoy hiking and geocaching.

#14  I traveled solo to Mexico once and bungee jumped while I was there. I want to travel to so many more places.

#15  I’m addicted to tattoos only slightly less than books.


22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Facts About Me

      1. I had to hoover about 10 minutes after commenting because there was just biscuit everywhere!! 😂 I’m ok when I lie on the floor with a straight back for about 5 minutes 🙂

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    1. Thanks, I love it. I have had it for maybe six years now? And this is the first time Ive put it up. I will have to take a picture for Instagram. It isn’t any place fancy, certainly no view of a beach 😦 but it feels like paradise when Im in it.

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  1. Omg a fellow audiobook lover!! HUZZAH!! If I could I’d do most of my reading via audio, hehe, I tend to remember books so much better that way. (Although reading them for myself is so much faster. :P) And omg your little one is so so cute! And your dog is cute too!! Such a lovely little family you have. :’) And people always think I’m so much younger than I am too….wahhh. It’s gotten to the point where people assume my little sister is older than me. OH THE SUFFERING.😂
    Here’s my TTT!

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    1. I wonder if I will remember them better in the coming years? This is the first year I have listened to audiobooks outside of long trips. Overdrive is my best friend, I even own some of the books I listen to but with the little guy I just dont get the time to read as much. There are lots of times to listen though! I think I read slower, although I’m not sure. Thank you for the compliment. They both mean the world to me. My son already loves books and I hope we get to share that interest in the years to come. Isn’t it frustrating? This one time I was at a bar and a guy I was talking to told me he didn’t date younger girls. Turned out I was three years older than him.


  2. I went through a NutriNinja phase-it does slowly fade away thankfully!
    Also, Calvin and Hobbes is amazing! I have the complete set and re-read them all the time!
    I love geocaching but when I first started way back in high school my mom thought I was going to discover a bomb or be arrested. Actually, I think she still thinks that lol.
    Oh man do I feel ya on the age appearance thing. I’m told I’ll appreciate it when I’m “old,” but now grr.

    Here’s my TTT

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    1. Oh I’m okay if it stick around, my son really enjoys them too and I can sneak it all kinds of healthy things. I have exactly zero of the books. My moms last husband had them all and I remember loving them. I should get some to share with my son one day. Haha, I have gotten some weird looks from people but thats about it, out here I am more likely to meet a bear than a bomb. I am always told I’m lucky I look so young – yeah one day!

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  3. Gunner is so precious! I have a mini-dachshund/Chihuahua mix with very similar markings and he looks a lot like my dog except that mine has big, pointy ears. People also think I am considerably younger than I am, and I agree it is annoying. I student-taught at a high school last semester and several of the teachers I didn’t know shouted at me for walking in the hall without a pass. I am 22, but they thought I was a student and, what’s worse, a freshman. Great list!

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