Reflecting On 2016 So Far…

We have reach the ‘Wednesday’ of the year, the mid-way point, the ‘holy cow its July already?’ moment. As such I wanted to look back on my resolutions and see if I still feel the same way I did six months ago and what progress I’ve made. You can see my original post from January here Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions


Resolution #1 – Read My Own Books
Of the 46 books I have read so far, 17 of those are books I owned at the beginning of the year. If you asked me before I checked Goodreads and added them up I honestly thought I had done better. I was hoping half of the books I read in 2016 would be books I already owned but there is still 6 months to change that!

Resolution #2 –  Keep A Reading Journal
Yeah… I quickly lost interest in this one. I am terrible for keeping notes while I read and just write reviews by the seat of my pants so I can say that this resolution is a fail!

Resolution #3 – Change Things Up aka Read Outside My Comfort Zone
This I can proudly say I have accomplished. I would still like to read some non-fiction this year though.

Resolution #4 Wrap Things Up aka Finish Previously Started Series
Well – I finished one?… That would be The Abhorsen Trilogy, which was really good. I was aiming to finish 7+ series this year so I guess I know what the second half of 2016 will be dedicated to, which is good because that mostly ties in with #1

Resolution #5Learn 
I wanted to learn more about blogging and ask more questions. I’m not sure that I did this very much but what I need do was find myself comfortable with my blog; it’s appearance and it’s content. I’m happy with that.

Resolution #6Map The Books
So here was a little project that I thought would be amazing to unveil at the end of the year. I admit I have not started it but I have been collecting maps from each book and fully intend to fulfill this resolution.

Resolution #7Attend Yallwest/fest
I DID! And it was amazing. Beyond my expectations! If you haven’t read it, check out my blog post all about the experience. The #Yallwest Experience

Resolution #8Nanowrimo
There have been Nanowrimo camps I could have participated in but I was really aiming for November which we havent come to yet so this one isnt a success or a fail – yet

Resolution #9Return To Running
…okay so I didn’t. However, please refer to #10 and know that I JUST unpacked the last box that was piled on top of my treadmill.

Resolution #10Buy A House
I couldn’t buy a house because I chose to return to work after Maternity leave on an on-call basis. Instead I found a lovely 3 bedroom for my dog, my son and I to rent and we are settling in nicely. I think this is roughly our two month anniversary in our new place. (YAY!) And I just got new bookshelves so I would say this resolution is a huge success.


giphy (1)So… I can’t say that there are great big check marks on this 2016 to-do list but I am very happy with how far I’ve
come this year and with the direction I am taking. I really want to know how all of you are doing with your goals and/or plans for the year. So please fill me in, and thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Reflecting On 2016 So Far…

  1. You’ve had a great year so far! It’s funny how resolutions shift and change as the year goes by. In January, I wouldn’t have set a goal of buying a house, yet we did just that a couple of weeks ago! It’s been the focus of the past few months, and has taken over my reading, but I’m looking forward to some downtime to catch up on reading during the months until we move. I’ve actually read more non-fiction this year than ever before, because my bookclub keeps picking memoirs ;). I really liked Brain on Fire, if you’re looking for a suggestion 🙂

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    1. Congrats on the move and thank you for the book rec! It is funny how resolutions/goals/priorities shift throughout the year. Things I thought were at the top of my list then aren’t now.


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