The Great Unhaul of 2016

An unhaul –  a potentially sensitive subject because some readers find it very hard to part with a book or delete a book from their Goodreads list. I can relate because I felt some of that anxiety undertaking this project but I have to say that now I feel great! I know that I am more likely to get to books I have really been looking forward to.


Why did I do an unhaul?

I saw a tweet by someone and I wish I could remember who, about only keeping books on her shelves that she could read by the end of 2017. That really hit me. I love having a TBR full of potentially incredible adventures but I also have that list because I want to read each and every one. I know what my yearly average is so I can easily divide my TBR by my yearly average and get a rough idea of how many years its going to take. That’s if I don’t add more, and lets me reasonable we all know I’m going to. So I had this idea to reduce my TBR to just the books I can’t wait to read. Getting rid of any books I was only keeping because I felt obligated to for some reason. Now there was no way I could reduce my TBR to 60 books (my yearly average) but I decided to aim for twice that, at 120. I think at final count my TBR is now hovering at 130ish and I’m happy with that. For those of you wondering I started with about 220+.

How did I make my choices?200-3

Some were easy and others much harder. I went through my list on Goodreads and if I couldn’t even remember what the book was about I made myself read the summary. Then I asked myself if I was really even interested in it any longer. I got rid of about two-thirds of the books I had completely forgotten about. Next, I looked at the series that I was in the process of reading, especially the ones I haven’t touched in a few years and again asked myself do I still want to read this? I am notorious for feeling obligated to finish a series because what if it turns out to be the greatest thing ever? Lets be realistic if I didn’t feel that way about the first 2+ books what are the chances it’s going to change? Next, I weeded some books out by way of reviews. I don’t like to pay too much attention to the rating on Goodreads but for some books, I did read reviews from my friends. They enjoy the same sorts of books I do and more importantly are annoyed but the same things in books so I trust their judgment. This helped me cull or convinced me to keep a lot of the books on my list. The difficult ones for me were the ones I own. I felt like if it was a gift or I paid good money for it I should read it. However, I ended up getting rid of about 15 books I own because I realized I’m not interested in them and only keeping them out of obligation. Realistically they would probably have sat on my shelf with good intentions for years. For those of you wondering, yes I felt some anxiety about unhauling these books but at those moments I told myself if it’s truly a great book it will find its way back onto my TBR in the future, be it through a friend recommendation or happening upon it at the library.


Lastly, there were some really tough choices so I turned to Twitter to ask you all for your votes. There were 45 books grouped in sets of three and you can see the results below. I tried to group books with similarities but towards the end I had to just group them randomly. I also realize that the much older and much newer releases might not be as well read so their low scores might not reflect their quality. I took both of those factors into account in my final decision. I kept all of the winners, and some of the other titles. Honestly, I had no trouble putting the other books behind me. I really appreciate everyone voting, I thought it was a lot of fun to see the votes come in and read all your comments! I think I might use this idea again in the future, maybe for my TBR challenge next year!


Voting Results From Twitter (Red won and bold titles were kept!)

  1.  10%Gates of Thread and Stone  37%These Vicious Masks  53%SomethingStrange & Deadly
  2.  27%The Impostor Queen  06%Queen Of Blood  67%The Orphan Queen
  3.  06%Enders Shadow  74%DayOfBlood&Starlight  20%The Infinite Sea
  4.  22%Beyond the Red  15%Broken Skies  63%ForDarknessShowsTheStars
  5.  27%AShadowBrightAndBurning  64%My Lady Jane  09%TheLoveThatSplitTheWorld
  6.  72%BloodSong RyanAnthony  22%Paladin SallySlater  06%Tribesman PaulFreeman
  7.  35%Angelfall SusanEe  42%Scythe Shusterman  23%TheWitchHunter Boeker 
  8.  5%Dark Inside  14%Black City  81%Sea of Shadows
  9.  65%A Thousand Pieces of You  14%Girl At Midnight  21%Ruby Red
  10.  42%Shadowfell  37%Warrior Heir  21%The Naming
  11.  40%Alive ScottSigler  13%FalseMemory DanKrokos  47%WhatsLeftOfMe KatKhang
  12.  0%Below JasonChabot  69%Disruption Shirvington  31%Illusive EmilyLloydJones
  13.  65%StolenSongbird  20%Poison  15%Summer Prince
  14.  57%Dash & Lily  17%You Had Me At Hello  26%Life After Life
  15.  67%Rebel Queen  11%ThePrinceWhoFell  22%TheCastingsTrilogy

This unhauling business has felt so freeing!! Knowing that I could get very close to the end of my list in two years is exciting! And that wouldn’t be the end of my reading it would just mean time to go looking for new adventures! I know that I want to do a little unhaul at the end of each year because my interests do change over time. I would love to hear some feedback from you guys about your thoughts and experiences with unhauling.


3 thoughts on “The Great Unhaul of 2016

  1. What an interesting and intriguing idea. My initial reaction was, NOOOOOO! Not my TBR pile. But then I thought about how OVERWHELMING my TBR pile is getting, and this really makes sense. Thinking about it…🤔🤔🤔

    Liked by 1 person

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