Top Ten Tuesday: Best of 2016


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Best of 2016

Note: these are the best books I read in 2016, not necessarily released in 2016. The categories will be: Best 2016 Debuts, Best Sci-Fi, Best Fantasy, Best Contemporary and Most Beautiful Covers of 2016.

Best 2016 Debuts

Best Sci-Fi

Best Fantasy

Best contemporary

Best covers


did you read any of these? did they make it onto your “best of” list?


44 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Best of 2016

    • I read that this year as well, but I think I liked The Sun Is Also A Star more? Just by a little. They are both excellent. I cant wait to see what Yoon does next. I hope you enjoy TCG as well, it took me some time to get invested so if you feel that way, give it a chance! It really grew on me.


    • Thank you, I was a little concerned it was too scattered for people to enjoy. I hope you enjoy it, I was hooked in the beginning, unsure in the middle and a total fan by the end LOL It felt very cinematic to me, like it could easily become a movie IMO and a good one. I cant wait to get around to reading Gemina


    • Thank you, I really just couldnt decide! I think the cover category was my favourite. Its interesting to see that some of the best covers werent my favourite reads and visa versa. I can defiantely see me re-reading the Night Circus one day and I must confess Passenger is the only one on this list I didnt actully read so I hope to in 2017. You as well!


    • I think Im around 72? LOL there is never enough time am I right? Im pretty sure I added another 72 to my TBR this year so I havent made a dent! I did just purge lot of books though. I hope you enjoy Illuminae and the 5th Wave when you read them. T5W is NOTHING like the movie. In fact I dont recommend the movie, ever. LOL

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    • Thank you! I met Evelyn Skye at Yallwest and was so excited for her book but I actully put it down after a few chapters and didnt come back to it for a couple of months. Once I was about a third of the way in I was totally hooked but it did take some time.


    • Yay! I look forward to your list then. I love meeting someone with similar taste in books because if theyve read something I havent and enjoyed it chances I will too! I was so happily surprised my ACOMAF because I had predicted a very different story. Thank you for commenting!

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  1. You have some great choices here! Cinder was amazing (along with the rest of the series!). And The Night Circus is one of my all-time favorites! I also really loved These Broken Stars.

    The 5th Wave is on my list for next year!

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    • I read the whole Lunar Chronicles series this year, but I only listed the first. Scarlet was my least favourite and I think Cinder and Cress were my favourites. I cant wait for Wires & Nerve! I felt like this was a catch up year for me, I read a lot of books that I missed in previous years that were popular or heavily recommended to me. I hope you enjoy the 5th Wave, the movie is nothing like the book, I know everyone says that about adaptations but in this case they are very different. Thank you for commenting!


    • It took me long enough to read it right? LOL I havent read any other Rainbow Rowell but I had the pleasure of meeting her this year which was awesome. I tried listening to Carry On and I didnt like it but I may try reading it one day. Thank you


    • I never really considered it, because I read The Night Circus after TCG but they do share that vibe dont they? Interesting. T be honest I struggled with TCG to begin with, I started it in May I think and didnt finish it till months later, after the first third I sped through it, it really grew on me as I went. I hope 2017 is good to you as well!


    • I read so many amazing sci-fi books this year! I dont read a lot of contemporay, if that wasnt obvious by the fact that my Best of Fantasy section is more than twice as big. So perhaps Im not the best judge but I thought it was really good. There are very few books about highschool that I can tolerate, after ten years post grad.


  2. I LOVE YOUR LIST SO MUCH I’M FLAILING!! The Raven Boys and Crooked Kingdom are my EVERYTHING and omg I loved The Crown’s Game and The Serpent King so much too. ❤ Although The Serpent King totally BROKE ME (but all good books do, right?!?) And Fangirl will forever be a favourite. I should reread that, omg, because it's been years and it was so relatable and fun and glorious. :')

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    • Haha, thanks for the comment love! It was a really great reading year for me. If it doesn’t break you why read it right?I have some book to re-read next year too, all books I loved but barely remember. Im really curious to see if I love them this time around.


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