Reading Reflection & Looking Forward

It’s that time of year when I feel suspended in a moment where I’m looking back on where I’ve been while simultaneously looking forward and wondering/planning what is yet to unfold. January always feels like a fresh canvas and that makes me excited. This is the first year in a while that I haven’t had any idea what I want to do with that canvas. It’s been a little unsettling, and I can’t help but think this is because I’ve lost touch with myself in the business of being a mom. (As well as a friend, dog owner, worker, blogger, daughter, etc.) So I really want to take some time this month to give myself the time I need to reflect and reconnect with myself. That does include my reading and blogging goals, which I feel are a 180 from last years.

Blogging Goals

As a blogger, I didn’t really have any expectations when it came to followers last year. This year however, I would like to accomplish the following milestones on social media:

  • 1000 Twitter Followers
  • 250 Blog Followers
  • 2000 Instagram Followers

Hopefully, that means more giveaways too! This is more about pushing myself to be more consistent in posting and content then really being concerned with how many followers I get. I do believe thought that the two go hand in hand. I would also like to post at least four reviews each month and make sure to do them within three days of finishing the book. Last year I put them off and put them off and eventually I felt like it wasn’t fresh enough in my mind to review. This year I also have a review book to take notes in as I read and so far it’s been working out great, and I think its improving the quality of my reviews.

Reading Challenges!!

First here is a recap from 201620170108_005152

  • I had a Goodreads Goal of 55 books and I ended up reading 73!
  • For Around The World In 52 Books I read 46 out of 52 books
  • I had a goal of 16 books for Flights of Fantasy and I read 41!!
  • I had a goal of 16 books for Backlist Books and I read 40!!
  • I had a goal of 35 books for #RockmyTBR and I only read 18
  • And I had a goal of finishing 6 series and I only finished 4

So I’m considering the year a success because the best part was that I read a LOT of books I wouldn’t have otherwise. I consider my biggest failure to be that I didn’t connect with the #RockmyTBR, Flights of Fantasy or Backlist Books community. After March I really just forgot all of that. I love, love, love the book community but I am really awful at participating in challenges like that, sorry guys! If I was to sign up for another I would sign up for just one so I could really commit myself to it. I also feel like some of the challenges like Flights of Fantasy weren’t really a challenge for me, and that’s the point right? So I wouldn’t participate in that again.

In 2017 I want to focus on reading books I own or books I can borrow from the library. I said this last year but this year I’m really dedicated. And honestly, I bought enough books last year that this shouldn’t be a problem. I will NOT be putting myself on a book buying ban but I’ve promised myself I will only buy books I’ve borrowed from the library and would reread. (Could be books I borrowed in previous years or in 2017) Or a book that is the next in a series I’m reading.20170106_220326

So here are my 2017 Reading Goals:

  • I’ve set a Goodreads goal of 65 books
  • I want to finish 10 series!! (cheer me on guys, I need it)
  • I would like to reread at least 9 books
  • I want to read half of the books on my TBR shelf and to make it fun I will be posting a photo of that shelf monthly so you guys can see it (hopefully) slowly emptying.
  • Only buying books that I have read, loved and would re-read. So that means reading the books I currently own or borrowing from the library or Overdrive. The only exception I’m giving myself is if the book is a continuation of a series I love.
  • I also want to HOST a reading challenge in March! It will be fun, easy and there will be giveaways, so I hope you’ll join me! More information to come! 


And thats it folks! Thank you for reading and please let me know in the comments below how you did on your reading challenges and which ones you plan on participating in this year. Happy Reading!


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