The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman

The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman

Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: September 6th 2016
Genre: Fantasy/Mythology
Soure: Owned (Re-Read)
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RATING: ☆☆☆☆


“The weak are cruel. The strong have no need to be.”


This is a beautiful and powerful story of feminism.

The main character is Rain, and this story is her discovering who she is and what it means to be a leader of her Amazonian tribe.

She faces many trials in her lifetime. She yearns for a connection with her distant mother, strives to be the best warrior, and struggles to feel a part of the whole. She experiences loss, love and betrayal and each shapes and molds her into a strong, intelligent woman worthy of leading her people.

I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about what happens because it is a short story and I worry anything I say will be spoilers. I really feel this is story each person must experience for themselves. I don’t think it matters what your usual genre is either, everyone can enjoy this story if they like strong, independent women. I will say that the romance, if you can even call it that, is very small in this story and not the main theme.

I am so glad that I re-read this book and I plan to do the same in the future. If I was to describe it I would say that it was inspiring, moving, and raw, yet that doesn’t quite capture it at all.

I highly recommend it and I look forward to reading more of Alice Hoffman’s work.


Saga Vol. 1 by Brian K Vaughan

Saga Vol. 1 by Brian K Vaughan

Publisher: Image Comics
Publication Date: October 23rd 2012
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Library Book
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RATING: ☆☆☆.5


Soldiers, Galactic War, Love, Sexy, Fantasy, Science Fiction


I’m excited to finally find a graphic novel I enjoy and look forward to continuing!

I love the main characters and the fact that they’re parents. As a parent myself that was very relatable. Thankfully I don’t have to juggle bounty hunters, galactic war, and friendly ghosts on top of the trials of being a new parent. These two lovers are sort of the Romeo and Juliet of this story, they were previously on opposite sides of a war that has been going on for centuries until fate brought them together. Now they’re on the run, searching for a safe place in the galaxy to raise their child.

All the different races were a little confusing but really interesting, and the spider-woman mercenary is my favorite. I’m a little confused about who is on which side but overall the storyline is much easier to follow than other graphic novels I’ve read. I’m hoping that as I read further volumes I will come to understand the world better. The is also a sort of narration from the child’s future perspective. I really like it; it’s a unique addition to the story. One thing I always enjoy in graphic novels which is also present in Saga is the humor. It’s the kind of humor I appreciate. The artwork was good, but not my favorite of the graphic novels I’ve read, the story is stronger though and that’s more important to me. I can’t wait to see where this family go, and what perils and adventures await them!

Top Ten Tuesday: Short and Sweet


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Top Ten Short Books

It’s ironic that this is the topic while I’m hosting a readathon for reading short books!
So here is a list of the best short books I’ve ever read…

The Foretelling by Alice Hofman
Strong female lead, no romance, amazonian warriors – a must read.

Saga Vol 1 by Brian K Vaughan
The only graphic novel I have yet to enjoy and cant wait to continue

The Emporers Soul by Brandon Sanderson
Possibly the greatest short read on this list!!

Birth of the Firebringer by Meredith Ann Pierce
For unicorn lovers of all ages

The Outsiders by S E Hinton
A much loved classic

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie
The most incredible sci-fi adventure of 2016

Alanna The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce
A Fantasy classic and the book that started my love for the genre

Summer of Sloane by Erin L Schneider
A sweep-you-up summer read that I read in 24 hours

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson
Had me in stitches and touched my heart, such an important read.

Non-Spoiler Review of The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication Date: March 7th 2017
Genre: Fantasy
Soure: ARC from Raincoast
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Rating: 2 Stars

Buzz Words: Witches, Necromancy, Elemental Magic, Beasts, War



I don’t know what happened.

Above, I included buzz words from the synopsis that caught my interest. Based on those I couldn’t imagine not loving this book. Unfortunately, the unimaginable happened.

The beginning had real promise, the action was on right from the start and the atmosphere was palpable. Tea, the main character, accidentally raises her brother from the dead and a bone witch appears, almost instantly, to take her away and train her. I was so excited for the adventure and necromancy and beasts, that I couldn’t wait for their journey to start!!!

Instead, Tea in indentured to a house where she does chores and learns to dance and entertain. At this point I was getting some serious Memoirs of a Geisha feels. Indentured to a house sort of against her will? Check. Expected to serve all those above her station and do a bunch of chores? Check. Gets in trouble when she stumbles into the other asha’s petty games? Check. Elaborate dresses that are uniquely designed for each girl? Check! I loved Memoirs of a Geisha but I found the similarities off-putting because I wanted beasts and necromancy, not dresses and dancing.

And speaking of those elaborate dresses, the descriptions in this book were… comprehensive, that’s the kindest way I could put it. It was too much, and not just when it came to the dresses but everything! I love a well-built world but there was too much flourish and not enough substance. Where did the plot go? Where did the action go? I don’t care about the color of the stitching on a dress just raise something from the dead already!

I also never connected with the characters, everyone was likable but that was all. The dual timeline didn’t help. I’m not a fan of them to begin with, and this one left me feeling jarred and disconnected everytime it switched.

Overall, I can’t say I enjoyed this book. It had some great potential and the writing was beautiful even if it was over the top, but for me, it fell very short of the mark. I think if the book had been marketed differently – if I hadn’t been expecting dark magic and beasts rising from the dead, I wouldn’t have felt so let down.

A big thank you to Raincoast Books for sending me a copy of The Bone Witch for this review!

#ATSOReadathon Update


Halfway Update

I can’t believe we’ve already reached the halfway mark of this readathon! I really hope that you’re all enjoying it so far and excited to continue. To be honest, I hit a reading slump early on but thankfully with these last few books I think it’s over.
Here’s what I’ve read so far….

I also DNF’d….

On a side note, I am so proud of myself for deciding to DNF this many books. I used to make myself read through a book no matter how much I disliked it, and how long it took me. I’m glad that I am being more decisive and giving my time to books I enjoy instead. That aside, I still have about ten books to choose from for the rest of the month and my goal is to finish half of them. I will be hosting some more sprints this weekend and all of next week. Hopefully it gives me the kick I need to reach that goal. They will be at 12PM and 8PM PST, and I hope some of you will join me.

I will be sharing all my reviews with you at the end of the month and I can’t wait to read yours!

Lastly, there was a lot of confusion about the sign-up process. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the giveaway, so I’m asking everyone participating to fill out this google form. This is my first time hosting a readathon, so I appreciate everyone’s patience.

That all for now, happy reading and I will talk to you all again in fourteen days!