The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski

The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski

Publication Date: August 1st 2017
Genre: Fantasy
Source: ARC from Raincoast Books
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RATING: 2 Stars


A mysterious stranger, time portals, disappearances, sinister and eerie.


I want to start by being honest and letting you know that I didn’t exactly finish this book, I very lightly skimmed the last fifty pages. I had been putting off finishing it for days and I finally realized I just didn’t care what happened, so I skimmed to see if what I expected did indeed occur and considered myself done.

I think this book and I started off on the wrong foot right from the start. It quickly reminded me of The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles and those of you who read my review for that know I did not enjoy it. The two stories are entirely different but share some similarities in the plot such as boy from a different world, missing father, magic realism, very independent main character lies to mother, etc.

Things I liked about The Wood
I originally picked it up because the idea of a magical wood becoming the villain sounded really interesting, I like unlikely or unexpected antagonists. I did find it to be a quick read (until I lost interest) with good flow and just the right amount of attention to detail. The main character Winter was very independent and I like a strong female lead who doesn’t need a romantic interest to save the day. And the concept itself, of protecting accidental time travelers was interesting and I think it had great potential.

Things I didn’t enjoy about The Wood
The main character could be independent to the point of frustration. You know those characters that refuse to accept help, to ask for help or go out of their way to lie so no one is aware they even need assistance? That was Winter throughout the story and it drives me crazy when the plot is complicated only by the main characters own stubbornness. It makes it very predictable. A lot of the magic and workings of the wood weren’t explanted in function or purpose, and that bothered me. I know for some not everything needs to be revealed but I’m one of those people who wants to know how all the gears turn if you know what I mean. What there is of romance is insta-love which I hate, and I wish there had been more focus on her friendship with Meredith. Together these dislikes just killed my interest in the story and the characters. By page 200 I was bribing myself with cookies just to finish.

While I think the world building could have been more fleshed out and the characters more dynamic, I do recognize that some of the things I didn’t enjoy were due to personal taste. So, if the synopsis sounds like something you would enjoy I do urge you to read it for yourself. If you do I would love to discuss your experience.

Thank you for reading this review of The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski curtsy of Raincoast Books in return for my honest opinion. I hope you enjoyed my insights and look forward to more reviews from me in the future.


3 thoughts on “The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski

    1. Ummmm I could send you the html if you like, I’m not savvy with that sort of thing enough to explain it. I do it for all my reviews and it’s funny you mention it about The Wood because I could not get the colors in a combination I liked. I’m so relieved Im not the only one who had problems, there are so many glowing revies on Goodreads!


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