Ever The Brave by Erin Summerill (Spoiler Free)

Ever The Brave by Erin Summerill

Publication Date: December 5th 2017
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher:  HMH Books for Young Readers
Source: ARC from Raincoast Books
Link to the author:

Book Depository

RATING: 4 Stars


“As the hunter’s daughter, death has been my companion my entire life” (p.33 – Britta)


It’s rare that I get the opportunity to review a sequel in ARC format. When I read Ever the Hunted last year (full review here) I was not in love with it, even if the cover was one of the most beautiful things to come out of 2016. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed this conclusion more than the first book and you can see the authors growth on the pages.

I found that the pacing of this book was a great improvement from Summerill’s first. Britta is still the same resourceful, sassy girl and her quick wit, especially in regards to King Aodren, had me smiling throughout.The individual voices (this is a MPOV story) were also, very distinct. We get to meet some new characters and one in particular, Lirra, I loved. (Turns out she is going to be in book 3 and I could not be happier!) There was a twist towards the beginning that didn’t sit quite right with me though, I didn’t feel it added value to the story. Some of the minor characters could have had a little more depth as well.

It’s not often that I say this but I enjoy this love ‘triangle” and of course I was rooting for the wrong guy but I still loved it. Both of the guys in this story are so swoon-worthy! And there are some steamy scenes! I really like that King Aodren let Britta be herself and make her own choices, even if it meant she wasn’t safe.

I can’t say much more without spoiling it for you but I do recommend reading ETB even if you were on the fence after ETH. It still deserves your time and I am so excited for the next book in the series which follows Aodren and Lirra!



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