Ten 2017 Releases I Meant To Read

Top Ten Tuesday: 2017 Releases I Meant To Read

This list needs little introduction; these are ten books, released in 2017, that I need to catch up on.

I’d love to know what 2017 releases you recommend and which ones you still need to read.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted byΒ The Broke and The Bookish. For more details, and to participate, click the link above.



18 thoughts on “Ten 2017 Releases I Meant To Read

  1. I have to read Tower of Dawn because I did enjoy this series however, I think Sarah J. Maas has gone too far. You’re not wrong for not reading A Court of Wings and Ruin. No one else needs to be disappointed. It’s a long ass read and I don’t remember what happened.

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    1. LOL I have heard mixed things about ACOWAR and none of them were ravingly good. I will read it but I probably won’t continue on with the spin off series. As for Tower of Dawn, again I hear mixed things but again I want to complete the series so it’s a priority this year. I enjoy her books but not as much as I used to and not enough to want to continue to read such large tomes.

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  2. I read ACOWAR as soon as it came out. Since I thought ACOMAF was absolute perfection, I found its sequel a bit disappointing but still good. Also, I read By Your Side which is a fast-paced romance with some issues. However, I still haven’t read Now I Rise and The Crown’s Fate; I’m really looking forward to them! I hope you enjoy reading all these books! I look forward to reading your reviews on them! Happy reading!

    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday!

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    1. I only wait to read it because I wanted to listen to it on audio like the rest of the series. It was finally my turn in the queue and I discovered it’s a different narrator! So I decided to read it and I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I have heard mixed things about it.

      Thank you for reading!


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