TTT: My Summer TBR

My Summer Reading Plans

I’m really excited to get some extra reading time over the next couple of months. Hopefully, I can get to most of the books on this list.


What are some of the books on your Summer TBR?

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TTT: Books That Make Me Want To Travel

Books That Make Me Want To Travel

It’s been a while since I participated in Top Ten Tuesday and this month I’m twisting the theme a little. I missed a theme last month, “Bookish Worlds I’d Like To Live In”,  so all the books I’m mentioning are Bookish worlds I would love to visit or live in. And reading about bookish worlds does make me want to travel more in my own world.

  1. Ketterdam – Say what you will about this city of sinners, I think I’d feel right at home amongst The Dregs. This is a destination I’d like to live in not visit, as a tourist I’m sure my pockets would be quickly picked.
  2. Orisha – There are giant wild cats that you can befriend and ride. What more do I need to say? I love you Nailah!
  3. The Witchlands – This world is so diverse and incredible, I could probably spend a lifetime exploring it. And along the way, I would want to meet all the different kinds of magic users and magical beasts, like the seafox!
  4. Tortall – I have wanted to visit/live here since I was a little girl. I would want to make friends with Daine, and the magical beasts she knows – are you seeing a theme here? I am.
  5. Wizarding World/Hogwarts/The Burrow – I don’t think I need to explain why; quidditch, meals in the Great Hall, undetectable extensions charms so I can carry all my books with me, more magical creatures. The list is endless.
  6. Luna – I don’t really have a reason to love the destination, although I’m sure it would be beautiful. I just want to be friends with the whole gang because they are #squadgoals.
  7. Erilea – I want to be a member of the Thirteen. I want my own Abraxos. That is all.
  8. The NeoPacific – because who doesn’t want to visit a world where they train genetically-engineered sea beasts to defend ships from pirates?
  9. Henrietta – I would love to meet Blue but even just exploring such a mystical place would be amazing.
  10. The Final Empire – granted, it doesn’t seem like a great time in history to live there but if I could be an Allomancer, it would be worth it.

Thank you for reading!
What are some of the bookish world you would want to visit or live in?

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TTT: Books I’d Give A Second Chance

Books I’d Give A Second Chance

This weeks topic is “Books you DNF’d too quickly” but once I DNF I don’t go back. However, there are books I had a hard time getting into and ended up putting down, that I’d like to try again. And they are:

  1. The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton – This is a really recent one, I received an ARC copy and I was really excited but it is a book that requires focus and commitment, neither of which I possessed at the time. I still have a positive feeling and high hopes for this so I would like to try reading it again.
  2. Strange the Dreamer by Lanini Taylor – The audiobook narrator is very monotone and I found it hard to stay focused or become immersed. I would like to try it again but physically reading it this time.
  3. The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen – I’m not sure if I was in a reading slumped or if I’ve lost interest in the story but I’d like to try it again and maybe finish the series.
  4. Duskfall by Christopher Husberg – I never got very far into this 550-page book but I didn’t connect with any of the characters at the time. Maybe I’ll feel differently the second time around?
  5. True Born by L.E. Sterling – I wanted to love this one because it’s a Canadian author and it has mutants. Nothing really grabbed hold of me in the first few chapters and it was easy to forget.
  6. The Novice by Taran Matharu – This one is probably highest on my must-try-again list. Everything about the summary suggests I will love this series but the beginning was very slow and hard to connect with.
  7. This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner – I LOVED These Broken Stars but this one didn’t grab me from the first pages like TBS did.
  8. The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes – Okay I have no reason for not reading this one because I loved it. I owned it as an ebook and didn’t have a kindle at the time so I was reading ebooks on my phone and that’s what I didn’t like about it.
  9. Legend by Marie Lu – The audiobook was awful! I didn’t even make it past the first 5 minutes, and while I know that it was the narrator and not the book I can’t help but hesitate to pick it up again.
  10. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi – I think this is another one I’m blaming on the audiobook version. The writing is an unusual format and it just doesn’t translate well and I have a physical copy so I’d like to try it again.

Would you vouch for any of these?
Which ones am I better off forgetting?
What books would you give a second chance?

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TTT: My Spring TBR

My Spring TBR and Looking Back

I missed last weeks topic so I’m sort of cheating this week.

I cannot believe it’s time for my Spring TBR, I’m not ready!  I have accomplished a lot this year, and I’m really proud of that but I made a Winter TBR and I was not very successful. Oops.

So here’s hoping my Spring TBR is more successful!

What are some of the books on your Spring TBR?

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TTT: Books That Surprised Me

Books That Surprised Me – The Good & Bad

Let’s start with the good. These five books surprised me because I had low expectations going into them. Not because I had heard anything bad about them, just the opposite, I knew very little about them or the author and in some way or another, the book was outside my comfort zone.

  1. To Kill A Kingdom – Raincoast Books sent this to me as part of their Winter/Spring preview package in the fall of 2017, and I had never heard of it. I also dislike mermaid books and Little Mermaid retellings. I can’t say that anymore because this was AMAZING. 4.5 Stars.
  2. The Woefield Poultry Collective – You are probably making the same face right now that I did when my English teacher handed this to me. I’m not saying it’s the best book of all time but I had VERY low expectations. It was surprisingly good, had some great character development and made me laugh till my cheeks hurt.
  3. When My Heart Joins The Thousand – No one is talking about this book! So, when I was offered a review copy I was hesitant, I don’t read a lot of contemporary, but I do like diverse reads. I’m so glad I said yes anyway, and if you want to know why you can read my full review here. 5 Stars.
  4. Furiously Happy – I hadn’t heard a lot about the book or the author and if I’m honest the cover sort of freaked me out? I needed an audiobook to listen to so I thought what the heck, let’s try this. I have never related to a book or laughed so much during a book in my life. If you struggle with mental health issues I HIGHLY recommend you pick this up. 5 Stars
  5. The Abyss Surrounds Us – This is a short book by an author I had never heard of, but it’s sci-fi and pitched for people who enjoyed Pokemon so I was in. The action-packed thrill ride is amazing and I LOVED the main character so much that I had to do an interview with the author Emily Skrutskie.

Now for the bad – I’m not going to go into detail as to why I disliked these, I prefer to hype a book than tear it down. I was surprised by these because I had a gut feeling I would really enjoy them. They’re sequels to books I really enjoyed, books by authors I had read before, and books that sounded like they had all the ingredients to win my heart. Sadly the reality was disappointing



Thank you for reading!
What are some of the most surprising books you’ve read lately?

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